Extra virgin olive oil is made by simply crushing olives and then extracting the juice. No chemicals, no industrial refining. And on top of this it contains more healthy nutrients than any other oil. No wonder our Italian Mammas look so fit and healthy!

Here are a couple of tips that are close to our heart when it comes to olive oil!

  • Taste the oil by dipping a piece of white bread in it or just slurp it. Look for fruity, bitter and peppery sensations. All three indicate a fresh and nutritious quality.
  • Store your oil in a place where it is protected from light and heat. And don’t forget: olive oil does not improve with age, so don’t hoard it – use it!
  • Treat your olive oil as you treat your wines, carefully pairing its taste with the flavours of the other ingredients in your dishes.
  • When cooking with oil keep the heat low to avoid losing flavour or worse, burning it.

Buon Appetito!