It’s all about tomatoes.

Every story has a beginning. The story of Tipica starts 20 years ago in Montescaglioso, Basilicata. This is where Stefano and Angela started a small tomato factory, Tipica, and proudly asked their recently graduated children, Maria and Gianni, to join them with their young spirits!

Tipica is all about tomatoes. They embrace the traditions and the flavours of their land and decided, right form the start, to focus on quality rather than quantity.

Maria and Gianni believe that the only way to keep great quality throughout the food transformation process is to start with excellent ingredients. That’s why Tipica exclusively sources locally from small and personally selected farmers. Tipica’s decision to produce in small batches allows them to avoid mixing different varieties of tomatoes from different farms. Therefore each product, be it Pomodorini or Pomodori secchi in olio extravergine di oliva, carries with it the history and the passion of one small farmer from Basilicata!

Tipica produces exclusively preservative-free food and uses old techniques from the South of Italy. Together with great ingredients this makes the flavour of their food stay natural.