Family roots as old as olive trees.

The sun in the South of Italy is strong. It changes the faces of the farmers who have been working the fields for years. Gabriele from Lavello, Basilicata, is one of those. He and his family farm Azienda Agricola Petrarulo have been growing food for generations. Gabriele learned the art of cultivating food from his father and taught it to his sons Domenico and Raffaele, who are now continuing the family’s tradition.

The olio extravergine di oliva that Azienda Agricola Petrarulo produces comes from the farm’s own olives trees. The trees are treated according to the old local traditions, meaning without pesticides and chemicals. The farmers also personally take care of the harvest and supervise the (cold) pressing in order to keep the quality high!

The result is what you would expect from passionate artisans: healthy extra-virgin olive oil with very low acidity and a taste different to anything you’ve tried before!

But don’t listen to us, try it for yourself, we feature Gabriele’s Olio extravergine di oliva in our shop.