Discovering lost traditions.

Calls to traditions are often just fashion trends. But in Montemilone, a small village of 1,700 inhabitants in Basilicata, tradition is a lifestyle!

Attilio has always worked with his father in the family’s butcher shop, called Macelleria Fornelli. In a place where most of the younger generation is emigrating for lack of opportunities, Attilio decided to stay and take over the family business. It would make his dreams come true.

Macelleria Fornelli specialises in the traditional “Lucanica” sausage. This beef or pork sausage can have a mild or spicy taste and includes fennel seeds or chilli pepper. This is a “Basilicatan” speciality and the recipe’s roots trace back to the Roman empire, 200 BC.

Attilio personally produces each sausage by hand and uses only natural preservatives. He prepares and manages the seasoning and ageing of all his products. You can imagine the patience this requires, as well as the knowledge of old techniques. But the result is a unique product, both in quality and taste.

Try the tasty Salsiccia piccante ai semi di finocchio and the Pancetta from Macelleria Fornelli, especially made for Eataliano!