Tutto pasta.

Pasta is one of the secrets to Italian happiness. Gianni from Vero Lucano has made it his personal objective to bring to the world his passion for traditional pasta made in Southern Italy!

Vero Lucano was created by four pasta makers with the ambition to collectively share the experience and expertise of those who, for decades, have produced handmade quality bread and pasta products. What makes this producer even more unique is the exclusive sourcing of ingredients from Basilicata and the usage of historical recipes from the city of Matera.

Matera is not only known for its ancient origins and the beauty of its “Sassi”, i.e. houses carved in the rocks. It is equally famous for the production of very high quality durum wheat since the 14th century.

Try the traditional pasta formats available on our shop: Ferricelli, Fusilli, Orecchiette and Cavatelli and discover the real taste of Italian pasta.