Red, like peppers and passion.

Perseverance and the love for his lands made Savino start the company Agripeppers in Palazzo San Gervasio more than 10 years ago.

As the name suggests, Agripeppers’ specialty are peppers and specifically the famous “Peperoni Cruschi”. Those are simply sun-dried sweet peppers, often used in pasta dishes or fried as a snack. Additionally, the family business offers a variety of dried herbs and beans.

Peppers, or “peperoni” as they are called in Italy are very popular for their deep and lightly bitter taste. On top of that they are full of vitamins and low in calories, making them a healthy replacement of people’s everyday snacks.

Savino takes great pride in introducing others to these unique products available in only a handful of Southern Italian regions. At the same time, Agripeppers stands for quality and for the preservation of the local traditions.

Try the Peperone “Scrokkia” dolce from Agripeppers, available in our shop. And try not to get addicted!