Eataliano – Authentic Italian Food

Real Italian Food
From small artisans in italy

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    Extra virgin olive oil in its purest form and of the highest quality available. Sourced from a family farm in...


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    Authentic Italian pasta. Type Ferricelli. Handmade in the South of Italy.


    500 g


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    Dried and fried peppers. Crunchy and salty. Try not to get addicted to this snack.


    25 g

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We at Eataliano are all about real Italian food!

We live and love Luxembourg for its charm and for its people, but we prefer Italy when it comes to food. And what once was a hobby has become our passion - discovering and enjoying Italian food!

Our idea is simple. We support small artisans, farmers, bakers and butchers in Italy and offer you their high quality, artisanal products here in Luxembourg. We promise you will taste the difference!


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